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Discovering Plate Boundaries has been selected for inclusion in the Reviewed Collection of the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)!

An article about Discovering Plate Boundaries was published in January 2005 in the Journal of Geoscience Education. Click to download the article.


All materials created for DPB may be downloaded freely for classroom use. Copyright of all these materials remains with Dale S. Sawyer. Please drop me an email with your comments when you use the materials. Please acknowledge the source when you use the materials in any manner.


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Student Handouts

Wrap-up Overhead Transparencies (in PDF format)

Set of 16 transparencies in 1 file

Individual transparencies

  1. Aleutians
  2. California
  3. Himalayas
  4. Chile
  5. Mid Atlantic Ridge
  6. Mid Atlantic Ridge (closeup)
  7. Mid Ocean Ridges Spreading Rate
  8. Southeast Asia Subduction Zones
  9. Iceland
  10. Middle East
  11. North American/Eurasian Boundary
  12. East Pacific Rise
  13. Southwest Indian Ridge
  14. Fiji/Tonga
  15. Central America
  16. New Zealand

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