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Discovering Plate Boundaries has been selected for inclusion in the Reviewed Collection of the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)!

An article about Discovering Plate Boundaries was published in January 2005 in the Journal of Geoscience Education. Click to download the article.

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Some Past Presentations on DPB

Dale Sawyer and Alison Henning taught "Discovering Plate Boundaries" at Youth Engaged in Service (YES) College Preparatory Charter School in Houston Texas to four 7th grade earth science classes and a high school enrichment earth science class. They spent a week (21-27 January 2003) working with the students. The student body at YES is about 91% Hispanic and draws students from all over the Houston area.

"Discovering Plate Boundaries, a Data Rich Classroom Exercise"
SAWYER, Dale S., poster presentation on 9 December 2002 National Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, CA.

"Discovering Plate Boundaries"
SAWYER, Dale S., Workshop presentation on 6 December 2002, GIFT Workshop for Bay Area Science Teachers held at the SF Marriot Hotel in conjunction with the National Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, CA.

"Teaching Plate Tectonic Processes to Students at All Levels"
WILTON, Joanne, HENNING, Alison T., SAWYER, Dale S., and SHIPP, Stephanie, Poster presentation at the 26-30 October 2002 National Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, CO.

Dale Sawyer is available to participate in teacher workshops on the Discovering Plate Boundary exercise and related Earth Science content. Please contact him at dale@rice.edu for more information.


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